Carrot & Marmite Soup - Serves 4


1lb Carrots
2 or 3 small to medium Potatoes
2 Small Onions
1 Dessert spoon Marmite
1 Dessert spoon Sunflower Oil
Salt & Pepper
2½ Pints Water


Firstly put the water into a saucepan that will hold at least four pints of liquid, and bring to the boil.

Whilst the water is heating scrub the potatoes and carrots, peel if not organic, and chop finely. Put the potatoes and carrots carefully into the pan, when the water comes back to the boil turn down the heat and leave to simmer with the lid on the pan.

Take the onion, peel and chop and, in a separate pan on a moderate heat, fry in the sunflower oil. When the onion is soft and golden add to the contents of the saucepan. Try not to burn the onion as it will not improve the taste.

Continue to cook until the vegetables are quite soft.

Test the vegetables in the soup: the softer the better as it makes the next bit easier.

The next bit. Blend the soup, using whatever contrivance you have available, to a smooth consistency.

Finally, add the Marmite and stir (or blend) in very well (this works better when the soup is hotter).