Jasper & Lucky (for Prudence click here)


Jasper & Lucky were born on 6th August 1993 at the then home of my friends Mik and Hazel in Shiregreen, Sheffield. A few months later Mik and Hazel split up and Mik came to lodge with me. He brought Jasper, Lucky and their brother Domino with him. We had intended to find homes for all three kittens, but Domino was the only one to be chosen from an advert in a pet shop window so Mik and I decided to keep Jasper & Lucky. When Mik found a new partner and moved in with her, he left Jasper and his sister with me. In hindsight we should never have let Domino go to another home.

Mik was killed in an unprovoked attack several years later and Jasper very sadly died, peacefully, at home, on May 5th 2009, aged 15 years and 9 months to the day. Lucky lived with me for a further two years and nearly four months until she tragically died after a short illness on September 27th 2011, aged 18 years & 52 days. She had never been ill in her life and on the day she died the vet confirmed that there was nothing wrong with any of her internal organs at all: quite amazing in such an old cat. They suspect she had developed  brain tumour.