Some of my recipes and culinary projects.


I’ve been quite keen on cooking since  I was about 15. Most recipes that I use regularly come from very old cook books or are handed down through the family.

Things really took off in 1985 (the year of Live Aid) when our sixth form at Dronfield Henry Fanshaw School decided that we would make things - anything that we could - to sell to raise funds to send off to Bob Geldof for the Live Aid appeal. I made two Christmas Puddings, one of which was bought by a teacher. The following year the same teacher asked me to make four for him as he had liked it so much and so had his family. The year after, when I had left school, I got a plea from not only the same teacher again but four or five others who had also heard of the puds and wanted several each. Things spiralled over the following few years and by 1994 I was making 500 puddings each year to sell for charity. The last five years the money has gone to The Albert Kennedy Trust to help their work with homeless and abused LGBT young people.

After 27 years of making my Christmas Puddings, I’m finally sharing my Vegetarian, organic, charity pudding recipe with the world via this page; should you choose to make the puddings for anyone other than yourself I would be grateful if you would make a donation to the National Gardens Scheme in recognition of the recipe.

Cheese SconesCheese_Scones.html
Peppermint CremesPeppermint_Cremes.html
Chilli & Courgette SoupCourgette_%26_Chilli_Soup.html
Cranberry TrifleCranberry_Trifle.html
Cherry Almond CakeCherry_Almond_Cake.html
Parsnip & Apple SoupApple_%26_Parsnip_Soup.html
Stuffed PotatoesStuffed_Potatoes.html
Grandma’s MincemeatMincemeat.html
Rosemary SoupRosemary_Soup.html
Roast Beetroot & FennelRoast_Beetroot_%26_Fennel.html
Carrot & Marmite SoupCarrot_%26_Marmite_Soup.html
Celeriac SoupCeleriac_Soup.html
Green Onion SoupGreen_Onion_Soup.html
Chocolate Baskets with Frosted FruitsChocolate_Baskets_%26_Frosted_Fruits.html
Gooseberry ChutneyGooseberry_Chutney.html
Simnel CakeSimnel_Cake.html
English Garden CakeEnglish_Garden_Cake.html
Coffee CakeCoffee_Walnut_Cake.html
Welsh Rarebit a la moiWelsh_Rarebit_a_la_moi.html
Gooseberry JamGooseberry_Jam.html
Almond BiscuitsAlmond_Biscuits.html
Bakewell TartBakewell_Tart.html
Milk Chocolate CakeMilk_Chocolate_Cake.html
1935 Spiced Chocolate Cake1935_Spiced_Chocolate_Cake.html
Feta & Coriander SconesFeta_%26_Coriander_Scones.html
Stilton & Apricot SconesApricot_%26_Stilton_Scones.html
Honey CakeHoney_Cake.html
Cynthia’s Lemon CakeCynthias_Lemon_Cake.html
Coffee KissesCoffee_Kisses.html
Sticky Malt LoafMalt_Loaf.html

A word about measurements and ingredients though: I can’t cope with Metric for cooking so all of my measurements are in pounds and ounces. Where I am forced to convert I use 500g = 1 Lb, which of course it does not (454g = 1Lb) so if you are buying something in metric packs you’re looking for 500g where I put 1Lb. I also use good old fashioned cutlery so my tablespoons are probably bigger than 25ml which is I believe the official conversion and my teaspoons are certainly a very generous 5ml! You may find that you need slightly more liquid than you expect in recipes using these measures. For oven temperatures I only ever cook by gas and I would not have a clue what the Gas Mark equivalents are for electric. On the rare occasions that I have been forced to offer a conversion for someone I have used the Be-Ro conversions and these have always seemed to work fine. Finally the ingredients: of choice I always buy organic free range eggs in size large, so where eggs are mentioned small or medium will probably be inadequate. I also always use organic skimmed milk and vegetarian ingredients, so cooking fat for example is always butter or Trex. I’m sure that lard and other animal fats will work fine in most cases, but I’ve never tried them so I can’t vouch for the results.

Tuna & Mackerel  PastiesTuna_%26_Mackerel_Pasties.html
Dave’s Famous Christmas PuddingsDaves_Famous_Christmas_Puddings.html
PLiG CakePLiG_Cake.html
Beetroot CakeBeetroot_Cake.html
Seville Orange Marmalade CakeMarmalade_Cake_%28JO%29.html
Citrus CakeCitrus_Cake.html
Mincemeat CakeFruit,_Brandy_and_Spice_Cake.html
Brussels Sprout & Avocado CakeSprout_%26_Avocado_Cake.html
Mrs. Lipton’s Most Excellent Cherry CakeMrs._Liptons_Most_Excellent_Cherry_Cake.html
Farmhouse Sultana CakeFarmhouse_Sultana_Cake.html
Hot X BunzHot_X_Bunz.html
Greengage Plum and Almond TartGreengage,_Plum_%26_Almond_Tart.html
Goats’ Cheese & Pistachio Nut CakeGoats_Cheese,_Pistachio_Nut_%26_Olive_Balmoral_Cake.html
Orange and Lemon CakeOrange_%26_Lemon_Cake.html
Singin’ HinnySingin_Hinny.html
Lemon & Pistachio CakeLemon_and_Pistachio_Cake.html
Fig, Almond and Coconut CakeFig,_Almond_and_Coconut_Cake.html
Chorizo, Olive and Cranberry QuicheChorizo,_Cranberry_and_Olive_Quiche.html
Cream of
Harvest SoupHarvest_Soup.html