If you would like to take part in #FEBBL 2014 please click here to download the topic list, blog via your own blogging site on the topic for each date and e-mail a link to each entry to me here.

Links will be placed on my own daily #FEBBL pages and also tweeted.

Day 1: Desert Island Discs                     Me    Lee

Day 2: 3 books I’d save                         Me    Lee

Day 3: Series I’d most like repeated    Me    Lee

Day 4: Just a minute                              Me    Lee

Day 5: The Unbelievable Truth              Me    Lee 

Day 6: Prized Possession                        Me    Lee

Day 7: An item you missed out on       Me    Lee

Day 8: The Food of Love                       Me    Lee

Day 9: Childhood Sweetheart             Me    Lee

Day 10: Ideal Home                              Me    Lee