Greenhouse & Gaslight


The garden had the foundations of my Grandfather’s 1950’s greenhouse which sadly fell down in the 1980’s. Wanting to keep things all the right period for the house (1920’s) I used the plans from a book of my grandfather’s (the nearest thing to a “DIY” book for the 30’s) to build, with the help of friends Steve and Reg, a 1920’s / 30’s greenhouse on the existing foundations. It now houses an all-too-rampant fig which crops heavily, a small Lime bush which doesn’t do so well as I;d hoped and is used to germinate many seeds each spring and overwinter frost-tender perennials each winter.

When the City Council electricians repairing the street lamp outside my house told me that the old cast iron columns were being taken out because the Yorkshire Electricity Board refused to repair supplies to them any more I set about  purchasing a Column. As luck would have it I managed to purchase one being removed from my own street which still had it’s original 1920’s metal number plate attached to it’s neck. Armed with the number and the location I managed to find the exact details of the date on which the column was first installed and first supplied with electricity. The fully restored column, topped with a metal lantern salvaged and rebuilt by another friend, Mike Cawthorne, now stands just outside the greenhouse and electric “candles” burn in it at night.