“A Clean Presidency by Hoover Junior”

and other agitating stories.


I don’t know what it is about Hoovers or about any other electrical apparatus, but it’s clearly something that has gripped me since birth as my mother tells me that when I was barely 8 weeks old and she very cautiously dared to switch the Hoover on, fearfully watching me in my cot expecting it to frighten me, I simply smiled and went to sleep!

When most kids use push along toys to help them learn to walk all I was interested in was Mum’s Hoover Junior (model 1334a - which she still has!) with which I learned to walk properly. At the same age I was also fascinated with the Iron and used to “iron” all the patterns in mum’s dining room carpet: her bookcases still bear the scars from the pointy end of the iron to prove it!

By the age of 10 I was competent with some basic electronics and by my early teens I was cheerfully doing minor domestic wiring jobs and repairing TV’s and domestic appliances for neighbours and friends. For my 15th Birthday I asked for the IEEE Wiring Regulations which I studied in minute detail and learned by heart. Aged 16 I did my first complete house re-wire and for a short while in my late teens and early twenties I earned a living repairing elderly Hoovers which were rescued from dustbins an skips and selling them on in reconditioned state. Many of the people I sold them to are still using them now.

So there it is: my obsession with Electrical apparatus has been life-long. My “specialism” with Hoover brand Vacuums comes, I think, from an appreciation of the fantastic build quality and simplicity of the Hoover machines from the 1920’s to the 1980’s. Sadly after 1990 Hoover has not made any decent cleaners at all - there are none newer than 1990 in my collection.

Here you can see pictures of not only Hoovers which I actually own and use, but also of models that I have either had in the past and no longer own, or models which I wish to acquire and add to the collection. Not all the images are of my own cleaners: some are from other web sites. Should you be the owner of one of these pictures and wish it to be removed from this page, or a credit added in your name, please do contact me.