Welsh Rarebit a la moi


I so rarely make Welsh Rarebit that it turns out differently each time I do.

Yesterday, in this awful weather, I decided to make it and, having only some Co-Op pre-packed “mild cheddar” in stock, added things for flavour and was astounded at how good the finished product was. I thought I’d better make a note of what I’d done so I could repeat it again!

Serves 2 persons.


4 toasting muffins

1/3 pint milk

Approx 4 oz Cheese

Heaped dessertspoon cornflour

level dessertspoon Coleman’s English Mustard powder

Teaspoon Waitrose Wholegrain Mustard

2 large free range organic eggs

Henderson’s Relish


Split the muffins and place under the grill ready to toast (don’t light the grill too soon or they’ll burn before the rest is ready).

Set the egg poaching pan up (unless you are a pro at poaching them direct in boiling water!) and add the eggs.

Grate the cheese into a saucepan with a heavy base, add 1/4 pint of milk - keep the rest in a measuring jug for now - and place the pan over a medium flame.

Add the cornflour and mustard powder to the reserved milk and mix thoroughly to ensure there are no lumps.

As soon as the cheese has melted and the egg-poacher is boiling, light the grill and pour the mustard / cornflour mixture into the milk and cheese and start to sir continuously to make the sauce. This will soon thicken and before it fully thickens reduce the flame to low to prevent burning. Don’t forget to watch the muffins!

The muffins should be done on both sides by the time the eggs are poached (if you like the poached egg yolks a bit runny then actually start the sauce and muffins a little sooner).

When the sauce is thickening up and is smooth add the Wholegrain mustard and keep stirring.

When the muffins are done switch off all of the gas, place the muffins on to two plates, carefully spoon the sauce (which should be very thick, almost the consistency of a cheese spread) onto each piece of muffin, and finally add a poached egg to one piece of muffin on each plate.

Decorate by dripping just 3 or 4 drops of Henderson’s onto the three muffin pieces that have no egg on them.

Serve at once.


Hope I can keep turning them out like this one!