Victoria Baths, Manchester


Victoria Baths, Hathersage Road, Longsight, Manchester, was described on opening in 1906 as a “Water Palace”. Between then and 1993 it was in daily use by hundreds, if not thousands, of mancunians. In 2003 the building won the BBC series “restoration” and is now progressing well towards being re-opened in as fully original condition as can be imagined. You can visit between approximately Easter and November each year.

In this album you will also see pictures of the famous statue of Archimedes emerging from his bath tub in that famous “Eureka!” moment. This is not part of Victoria Baths but can be seen under the railway arches behind Manchester University’s UMIST buildings, 3 minutes walk from Manchester Piccadilly Station.

You can see two pictures of the “Memorial to Vimto” carved sculpture which is just a few yards away from Archimedes in Manchester, almost on the spot on Granby Row where Noel John Nicols first invented the drink in his chemists shop.